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About Mr. Hurst

I was born and reared in Canoga Park, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Although I did not perform too well in high school, through the perseverance of teachers, I made my way to college where I was the first one in my family to graduate.

Upon graduation, I followed my dream of working in the sports reporting industry by taking jobs with the local WB affiliate and then with Fox Sports West. After a short stint with each, I left for the greener ($) pastures of advertising where I saw a good deal of monetary success, but little personal acheivement.

The decision to move into teaching was an easy one. I went back to school, and excelled. I currently hold two Bachelor's degrees; one in the area of English with an emphasis in literature, and the second in literature of the theater. I also hold a Master's Degree (with a 4.0 GPA) in the areas of Education and English from California State University, Northridge and I currently hold a teaching credential in the states of California and Washington. I am proud to say that I am a product of public schooling, the elements of which came from the very same books and teachers that your children are learning from today.

Aside from my students (of course), my life revolves around my sons, Jakob and Joshua. Jakob was born in 2002, and Joshua was born in 2004, and they both mean the world to me.

Away from school, as everybody knows, I am a proud supporter of the Los Angeles Clippers! Much to the ridicule of my friends, family members and of course my students, I have been a season ticket holder of what at least one publication has referred to as the worst franchise in professional sports. Fortunately, my love of the successful UCLA Bruins has helped to ease this pain.

JakeJ & JJosh