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Online Texts

  The Tragedgy of Romeo & Juliet (class version)
  The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet (full text)
  The Red Wheelbarrow
  The Gift of the Magi
  The Most Dangerous Game
  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (coming soon)
  The Cask of Amontillado
  The Tell-Tale Heart
  The Necklace
  The Monkey's Paw
  The Lottery
  A Christmas Carol
  A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
  Shakespeare's Sonnets
  The Invalid's Story
  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  All the Years of Her Life
  The Scarlet Ibis
  The Miracle Worker
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Useful Links

  Mr. Hurst is My Idol Facebook Group
  Mr. Hurst Twitter 9th Grade
  Mr. Hurst Twitter - 10th Grade
  Vocabulary Flashcards - Keyword = Hurst
  Misterhurst Channel on YouTube
  Family Access
  Cornell Notes Overview
  Thinking Maps Overview
  Reciprocal Teaching Overview
  Jigsaw Reading Overview
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Author and Literary Sites

  Digital Dante
  The Victorian Web
  The Kafka Project
  Alduous Huxley
  Shakespeare and the Internet
  Folger Shakespeare Library
  The DaVinci Code
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Virtual Field Trips

  The Smithsonian Museum
  The Louvre
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Tour of an Ancient Roman Villa
  The White House
  The Capitol Building
  Campus Tours (of different college campuses)
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  Grammar Gorillas
  Lord of the Flies
  Twelfth Night Shakespeare Shootout
  Harry Potter
  Trivia Web (you must register)
  What Kind of Learner Are You?
  Personality Quiz
  Super Noodle
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Search Engines

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School Sites

  Arlington High School
  Arlington School District
  Weston High School
  Washington State Schools
  University of Washington
  Washington State University
  Washington State Community Colleges
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Mr. H's Favorites

  Rate My Teacher (be nice to me)
  What If Sports
  LA Clippers
  Everett Aquasox
  Seattle Mariners
  Online Diary
  Internet Movie Database
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